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How to Practice Naked Yoga

How to Practice Naked Yoga

There are four main methods of practising naked yoga:

  • Self-directed nude yoga
  • Nude partner yoga
  • Private naked yoga lessons
  • Group naked yoga classes

Self-directed nude yoga practice

Self-directed naked yoga is as simple as taking off your clothes and doing the yoga you normally do, whether a vinyasa flow, holding poses, or some combination. Depending on the type of yoga you practice, pranayama and meditation may also be part of your naked yoga session.

Beginners and advanced yoga students alike can benefit from watching a yoga DVD during their self-directed practice from time to time. This should not be the basis of a self-directed course, whether naked or not, for it draws the attention outward rather than inward.

For the solo naked yoga practitioner, an uncluttered practice area is very important. You may want to think beforehand of the poses you would like to do or simply see what asanas the prana (life force) leads you into. Be sure to leave some time for relaxation, and have blankets nearby in case you get cold.

Nude partner yoga

Practising yoga in the nude with your partner is a beautiful way to build trust and intimacy. Not only that, but naked partner yoga allows you to explore the asanas in new and different ways, getting deeper stretches with less force.

Many partner-yoga poses you simply can’t do on your own, for they depend on four hands, four feet, or the balancing of body weight of more than one person.

There may be partner yoga classes already in your area. If not, yoga teachers sometimes offer partner yoga weekend workshops or private partner yoga lessons. You can take what you learn home to practice in the nude. There are also several quality books and videos on the subject, though some are more entertaining than instructional.

Private naked yoga lessons

One-to-one nude yoga lessons can be beneficial for your yoga practice, as you will have individualized attention to your breathing and alignment while in different asanas. It is much easier to see alignment without the restriction of clothes. For a case study, see Nude Yoga (not safe for work).

Practising nude yoga in front of someone also invites you to drop your inhibitions. At first, it is terrifying to “open up” so much in front of another person, but this can also be very freeing, inviting us to be more accepting and less judgmental of ourselves. In turn, we become more accepting and less critical of others.

To find a yoga instructor who will have a nude practice session with you, your first stop would be the yoga teacher who already leads a naked yoga class. If there isn’t one in your area, you might check advertisements on Craigslist or advertise there yourself. However, be careful with such classifieds, for they often attract people looking for sexual encounters rather than practising yoga.

Other yoga teachers in your area who don’t offer nude yoga classes already may be open to one-to-one naked yoga private sessions, but don’t expect them to shed their clothes (although some may be willing). Remember, this experience isn’t about seeing others free of clothing; and it’s about setting yourself free and coming into the emotional experience of your own body.

Group naked yoga classes

Whether straight or gay, male or female, group nude yoga classes are highly recommended.

Though it’s a fairly easy thing to practice nude yoga in the privacy of your own home, it’s an entirely different thing to get naked in front of a dozen or more strangers.

Again, it can be liberating, allowing you to let your guard down and stop judging yourself and others by the surface layer. Instead, you feel a part of a close community, sharing deeply.

A quick Internet search will show you the nude yoga classes near you. If there aren’t any, you might look on Craigslist or for other people interested in naked yoga classes. If you can get a few people together, you are more likely to convince a yoga teacher to conduct a clothes-free or clothing-optional class.

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