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Never be an imitator, be always original

Never be an imitator, be always original

The whole art for the new humanity will consist in the secret of listening to the heart consciously, alertly, attentively. And follow it, to wherever it takes you. Yes, sometimes it will take you into dangers – but remember, those dangers are needed to make you ripe. Sometimes it will take you astray – but remember again, those goings astray are part of growth. Many times you will fall – rise up again, because this is how one gathers strength, by falling and rising again. This is how one become integrated.

Never be an imitator, be always original. Don’t become a carbon copy. But that’s what is happening all over the world – carbon copied and carbon copies.

Life is really a dance if you are an original – and you are meant to be an original. Just look how different Krishna is from Buddha. If Krishna had followed Buddha, we would have missed one of the most beautiful men of this earth. Or if Buddha had followed Krishna, he would have been just a poor specimen. Just think of Buddha playing on the flute! – he would have disturbed many peoples sleep, he was not a flute player. Just think of Buddha dancing; it looks so ridiculous, just absurd.

And the same is the case for Krishna. Sitting underneath a tree with no flute, with no crown of peacock feathers, with no beautiful clothes – just sitting like a beggar under a tree with closed eyes, nobody dancing around him, nothing of the dance, nothing of the song – and Krishna would look so poor, so impoverished. A Buddha is a Buddha, a Krishna is a Krishna, and you are you. And you are not in any way less than anybody else. Respect yourself, respect your inner voice and follow it.

And remember, I am not guaranteeing you that it will always lead your to the right. Many times it will take you to the wrong, because to come to the right door one has to knock first on many wrong doors. That’s how it is. If you suddenly stumble
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